Alex S. Palmer & Company has grown to become a forerunner in the real estate development, management and brokerage market due to a relentless quest for excellence. Eminent in the southeastern and southwestern regions of the country, Alex S. Palmer & Company is built on a foundation of high quality products, client satisfaction and a solid return on investment.

Demanding excellence in every project, Alex S. Palmer ensures that the structures that are built today will stand the test of time and create a legacy for the future. With a career in real estate finance, syndication and development that spans more than twenty years, Alex S. Palmer maintains a business philosophy that requires a deep understanding of the local marketplace. Our reputation is built on quality and unparalleled attention to detail.  Our reputation, like our work, is built to stand the test of time. ” Whether it involves a multi-million-dollar, build-to-suit project, a modest office lease or a maintenance obstacle, this ideology is applied. The result is, without exception, an uncontested success. Alex S. Palmer & Company has immediate access to in-house property management, leasing, tenant representation, construction management, tax, design, and financial expertise. Ultimately, our clients receive unrivaled enthusiasm consisting of a true entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to quality and excellence.